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The laboratory works according to a quality politic based upon the principles of:

- Reliability (keeping results)
- Efficiency (technical service with fewer costs for manufacturers and ranchers)
- Transparency (daily and exhaustive information to manufacturers and ranchers)

In order to achieve good quality levels within the diverse activities of the companies, in most cases measurements for products are required. The quality depends mainly on the global quality of a laboratory.

The quality system is described in the quality manual and in the system documents and the whole organisation implied.

In order to assure the quality, the lab has planned and revised control systems, based upon a statistic analysis to check the validity of test results and calibrations. These controls include among others the habitual use of reference materials and the programmed and periodic participation on comparing exercises with transformer companies (daily cistern comparison, sending of blind samples and collaborative monthly tests organized by ALLIC), as well as with other inter-professional laboratories of Spain (tests, official comparison obliged by the State’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food), and with the main European inter-professional laboratories (organized tests by Ceca-Lait (France); A. Hüfner, Germany).