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A.L.L.I.C. created this service October of 1.994.

Since its beginning, the objective of this service has been to bring the services offered by the profession-overlapping Dairy laboratory of Catalonian nearer to the whole Dairy Sector. To make the services known and show the technical validity by means of real data.

Knowing the sector's reality through stockmen and the dairy industry, they have defended the basic points of the operation of this service. The following activities carried out by the External Service are worth being underlined:

a) To give special attention to questions about analytic results and laboratory services.

b) Technical visits to dairy industries, comparing analytic results.

c) Following-up of quality samples of raw milk and dairy control, finding out possible incidents, correcting atypical samples, taking wrong sample or samples in a bad state.

d) Technical conferences in various regions in order to present the activity program of the laboratory and gather suggestions from persons present.

e) Promote technical visits from the producing and industrial sector to dairy labs.

f) Inspections of cisterns in order to watch the milk and sample taking and the supervision of sample transport.

g) Investigations of critical points in the dairy industry, especially cheese factories, as well as quality controls of elaborated products.